About Us

Welcome to BitsxBobs!

We, like you, have been there - moved, shifted, relocated, set-up our homes from scratch, or simply just looked around for ideas to make out living spaces better.

Each time, we start out with naked and uninspiring walls, empty shelves, barren table-tops, and bare floors. Sometimes it’s easy to unpack and settle in or to get just the home accents we want. And at other times, we need that little extra inspiration that special detail or accessory – which can help transform your house into a home.

And that’s what we do at BitsxBobs, we help you put a little style, joy, and flair back into your living space with ease and confidence. BitsxBobs is an artfully curated collection of hand-selected luxury home décor and accessories from around the world that will make your home look stylish and luxurious.

Creating your personal space is an exciting and ever-evolving journey and our mission is to help you make it fun. We scour the world for latest design trends, regularly talk to designers and fashion houses, and work directly with manufacturers – layering styles, periods, textures, and global influences – to put together a one-of-a-kind, high-quality product selection, which is luxurious, eclectic, and in sync with trends across the world, and inspires design-lovers and home-owners to mix and match with finesse and ease.

In our endeavor to create a platform, where artists and décor enthusiasts come together, we have spoken with many home-owners and leading interior designers in Singapore and have often heard them express the same concerns around the (lack of) availability of high-quality, pre-curated home accents at reasonable prices. It also doesn't help that some of the bricks-and-clicks home style retailers order large shipment sizes, resulting in the same products being found across several homes, which hardly lends itself to creating a unique or personalized living space, even though our homes should be just that! Plus it’s quite overwhelming and time-consuming, for people to visit multiple stores across the island to shop for products in the hope that the end look would appear coordinated and balanced.

With BitsxBobs, you no longer have to visit multiple stores in order to mix and match your home accents. We have a vast collection of home accessories ranging from lamps to eclectic wall décor to rugs and sometimes we even curate certain home styles, giving you a jump-start on your home styling plans. And our product collection, while being expansive, is strictly one-of-a-kind and limited edition only. This ensures that your choice of décor always stays inimitable and distinctive.

We firmly believe that good style should not have to cost much, but it must offer a priceless experience. So by running an online-only store and sourcing directly from artists and manufacturers, we are able to pass on the commercial benefits of a lean operation to our customers – we are all about affordable home luxury.

Come, shop with us to find the little bits and bobs that can complete your home. And keep us updated on how your lovely home comes together by posting your stories on our Facebook page. 

What Makes Us Unique

  • Fine International Curation

    We feature a carefully curated selection of high-quality home décor accessories and accents from around the world, based on reliable inputs and expertise from well-traveled and reputed interior designers, modern fashion-labels, design networks, and architects. We are inspired by luxury and uniqueness, so we only carry hard-to-get and exquisite items in limited quantities, so that your extraordinary home décor selection stays exclusive and unique.

  • Affordable Luxury

    No home is complete without a range of luxury home accessories to really make the interior design stand out. The finishing touches to every room – from cushionsto photo frames, wall-art, mirrors, and many other interior essentials – our collection has been selected to complement a variety of styles and tastes. As we only retail online, we are able to pass on the savings to our customers, who can buy exquisite and exclusive accents for their home décor needs, at affordable prices. Luxury is now affordable and priceless!

  • Partnerships

    We enjoy being in the home décor business and we’d love to get to know more about others who do too. Designers, decorators, bloggers, and publishers, let's connect! If you are passionate about and/or write about home decor, do-it-yourself projects, home remodeling, or anything along those lines, we'd love to get in touch with you to discuss possible collaborations and projects. We're establishing relationships with high-end and design-focused manufacturers, so that you have easy access to the most desirable products available, at special designer pricing! Write to us at for more details.

  • You Make Us Better

    We've done the editing and curating for you! At BitsxBobs, you can always get inspired and shop by your unique aesthetic. But a highly-curated collection takes longer than mass-produced. So even though you might have to wait a little longer at times, we hope that you'll be delighted once that stunning mirror graces your wall, or that perfect cheese-platter becomes the talk of your party! To show our gratitude and thank you for your support, we deliver FREE on orders above S$75. Do keep sharing your unique ideas and needs with us, by writing directly at or by posting on our Facebook page, so that we continue to stay close to your style.

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