A Father's Embrace

A Father's Embrace

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If you’ve ever wanted to tell your dad how much you love him, this sculpture would get you on your toes and headed over to his side immediately!

A father’s embrace is a place. A place where there is freedom for a child to be exactly who he or she is. A place where a boy or girl feels safe, loved, wanted; a place where their heart finds both solace and expression.

This lifelike and heartwarming sculpture is made entirely from resin and has got intricate detailing on the figures of the man and his child. The child is hugging her father with pure joy, as the father reaches out embracing her with great love.

Finished in an oil-rubbed bronze patina with a Verdigris glaze, this sculpture is a perfect conversation piece or a valuable gift that never goes out of style or meaning.

Such a wonderful expression of the paternal love!

Dimensions: 25cm W X 51cm H X 20cm D

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